Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend in Tulsa

We made a whirlwind weekend trip to Tulsa for my cousin Lyndsey's wedding. I had a really great time seeing family that I haven't seen since our wedding, or even longer. I also randomly ran in to one of my oldest friends, Kelsie, and her mother, Lee Ann, who babysat me from infancy until I started school. Kelsie has the most adorable baby girl named Clara -- I literally thought my mom was going to steal her!
Anyway, the older we get, the more we enjoy our trips home -- it's always so great to see family and old friends. We just wish we could stay longer!

John and me at the reception -- I raided Steph's closet and found that fabulous
dress (and shoes and purse and earrings)

The fam

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