Saturday, July 11, 2009

July update

John and I have been so busy these days that it's been hard to do any "blog-worthy" activities. In fact, it's 3:00 on a Saturday, and I'm blogging from my office. No fun! I've actually had quite a productive day so far -- ran 11 miles, billed 3.5 hours of work -- but it seems like I will never see the surface of my desk again! John is playing golf with his friend, Jared, in Wilmette today, using the new driver that his dad and I got him as an early birthday present. I can't believe that John will be 30 in two days! That means my 30th is just around the corner -- eek! Hopefully we will get to squeeze in some fun during the weekend, because the rest of the summer is looking like it will be just as crazy busy!

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