Sunday, July 12, 2009

Historical Couture

Today my friend Sarah and I went to the Chic Chicago exhibit at the Chicago History Museum. The exhibit featured couture gowns owned by notable Chicago ladies, mostly socialites who I have never heard of. The exhibit was really nicely done -- lots of gorgeous clothing! Some of the dresses were as old as the teens or early 1920s, and there was also some newer pieces worn by Oprah and other current Chicago women. The exhibit closes at the end of the month, so I recommend seeing it soon if you're interested! Below are some pics of a few of the dresses on display:
A 1978 Halston dress. Who knew that Halston was from Iowa of all places, or
that he attended the Art Institute of Chicago?

The "Butterfly Gown" by Charles James. It apparently weighs 17 pounds!

Probably my favorite dress there. It's circa 1928 by Callot Soeurs.

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