Sunday, May 13, 2012


As we wind down our last week in town, we've been scrambling to see everyone one last time before we leave.  We know these goodbyes aren't forever - we will definitely be back for lots of visits - but saying goodbye to our friends, mentors, family, and support systems has certainly not been easy.

Last week some great work friends got together with me at The Roof at The Wit Hotel for an early farewell celebration. And yesterday we had a marathon day of goodbyes - brunch with Scott and Steph at Jane's, an afternoon of hanging out with Jim and Jeff Knight, and drinks with Sarah and Beth at Webster Wine Bar.

Thanks everybody for everything - you all can't possibly know how much you mean to us!
My "team" at work - gonna really miss these two!

One of my fave work friends and mentors, Sharon.

John, Aunt Steph, and Henry at Jane's

Probably the worst picture ever taken. The waitress who took the pic was literally five inches from my face (clearly). Oh well, it gave us a good laugh.

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