Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Mother's Day

John and Henry took me out to Sola for brunch for my first Mother's Day. Henry slept through most of brunch but woke up just in time for a quick pic.  We had a relaxing day - Henry and I took a long nap to make up for the fact that he woke up at 6am and refused to go back to sleep. My mom is also in town to help with the move, so it's great to get to spend Mother's Day with her as well. 

Before I was a mom, and mainly when I was younger, I always wondered why there was a Mother's Day and a Father's Day but no "kids' day." My mom would always tell me that it's because every day is kids' day.  Now that I'm a mom, I realize that it's the absolute truth! Can't wait for many more Mother's Days to come!

Henry and me after brunch at Sola

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