Friday, May 11, 2012

Michigan Family Weekend

Last weekend the Beck/Walthall/Kennedy clan descended upon South Haven, Michigan for a little mini-vacation before Lisa has her baby later this summer.  We had the most gorgeous house right on the beach - it looked and felt just like we were on the ocean! The weather cooperated with us, and it was sunny and warm all weekend long.  The only damper on the weekend was poor little Henry coming down with hand, foot, and mouth disease.

In addition to all the fun family togetherness, Lisa also made her formal announcement that she is having a BOY! We, of course, are thrilled - I can't wait for Henry to have a cousin to play with! The two of them will be so close in age that they will most likely be lifelong friends and playmates, or so I'm hoping.  Congrats Lisa and Niel on the exciting news! 

Mimi gave Henry a silver rattle for his 5 month birthday. It went straight in his mouth (along with everything else these days).

One of John's artistic photos of the view from our house.

The crew, including sleeping Henry.

Lisa did her big reveal by cutting into a blue cake!

Aunt Stephie, Henry, and Henry's belly.

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