Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We Made It!

After two days of driving, we made it to Tulsa last Friday. Note to self: long drives with five month olds are not cool. Henry did the best that could have been expected of a baby, though - he's such a sweet little guy!

Since we are born-again Tulsans (we are in Bible country, after all), we've been spending the last few days not only getting settled in our temporary digs at John's parents' house, but also making our way around town to visit our old favorites and some new places.  Oh, and we finally got to see our new house (you know, the one we bought without seeing it in person), and just loved it! We can't wait to move in in late June.

Henry has handled the big changes in his life like a champ! He was a little cranky the first couple of days as he got adjusted, but now he's back to being my little happy guy. In addition to all the other changes, we've also just introduced him to baby food. He loves all the vegetables, but he's not so sure about the bananas we tried tonight. Apparently they were very sour because his whole body would shudder - it was cute but also a little sad.  No more bananas!

We are so excited to be here, but definitely miss our Chicago friends so much!

Yum! Sweet potatoes! (I die over that little pucker.)

I still don't like cereal, but I'm so cute!

He is getting so big - sitting in the high chair all by himself.

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