Sunday, September 9, 2012

Awesome September Sunday

We had some freakishly fall-like weather this weekend, so our little fam took advantage of the weather and spent a lot of time outside.  On Saturday morning we did our favorite Saturday ritual: going to the Cherry Street Farmer's Market.  There aren't a lot of Saturdays left in the season, so we have to get in all the farmer's market that we can! I don't know what makes me more excited about our Saturday outing: the fresh fruits and veggies or the puffy breakfast tacos from the Elote food truck.  Yum-o!

John and I went to our first post-Henry movie. My mom watched Henry while we went to see Batman, and I managed to stay awake for the whole movie (which is quite a feat, since it was nearly 3 hours)!  Although it was fun to have some adult time, I missed my little guy like crazy! I don't see him much during the week because of work, so I try to soak up as much time with him as possible on the weekends.

We had a great Sunday morning. Henry slept until 7:15 (beats the heck out of 5:30!), and after a delish breakfast of bacon and eggs, we headed out to the park for some swinging.  This was Henry's first time in the baby swing. He wasn't sure of it at first, but he eventually got into it and couldn't stop smiling! He was a little less impressed with the slide.

All in all we had an awesome weekend! Great naps by Henry (a super big deal in our house), and lots of relaxing for mom and dad.  Definitely not ready to start another crazy week!

Not so sure about this...

I don't know, it could be fun...

Thinking this is pretty awesome!

I freaking love this!!

Little snuggle-bug getting ready to go to bed after a fun weekend

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