Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor(ing) Day Weekend

I thought Labor Day Weekend was supposed to be a time for rest!

We've been really busy during this long weekend doing things around our house. Even though we took possession of it at the end of June and have been officially living here since the end of July, everything is still a work-in-progress.  We are waiting on window treatments for the dining room (can't WAIT to get rid of the ghetto paper shades that are in there), and just can't seem to commit to/agree on art for the living room and a headboard for our bedroom.  So those rooms will just continue to be incomplete until we sort it out or someone (hopefully me!) gets his/her way.  However, Henry's room and the main bathroom are both complete! I will post pics of the bathroom in a separate post, but Henry's room pics are below.  His room has undergone a huge transformation.  When we bought the house, his room had the most adorable wallpaper in it - little elephants, owls, and hedgehogs all in a pink and green theme for the little girls who lived here before us.  While it was super cute, it definitely wasn't for Henry. So, thanks to my dad, we stripped the wallpaper off the walls and had the room painted a nice bright neutral. As part of our quest to get Henry to be a better sleeper, we've lined the windows with blackout shades.  So, unfortunately no natural light comes in the room. But we think that a rested baby is more important than aesthetics (or at least we've gotten to that point).

We have all the same furniture we had in his Chicago room, but it looks different because the room is literally twice as big! We've added some new art (i.e. the baby animal pics), but otherwise, all is the same.

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