Sunday, September 23, 2012

Best. Birthday. Weekend. Ever.

No one likes getting older, especially after hitting 30.  However, I didn't mind celebrating finishing up my 32nd year, especially since so many great things happened over the past year (hello - Henry!).  We didn't do anything wild and crazy - mainly just hung out and did fun stuff as a family.

John gave me my gift - a jogging stroller - a little early, and Henry and I hit the Riverside trails on Saturday morning to try it out.  The weather was amazing, and there were so many runners out taking advantage of the fall temps.  Henry and I had a great time, and running with him is definitely going to be a great workout - pushing a combined 40 pounds of baby and stroller is no easy task! Henry enjoyed checking out the scenery and giving big smiles to the other runners and walkers who waved at him. I can't wait to get back out there! After the run, I completely replaced each and every calorie I burned (and then some) at Antoinette Baking Company on Brookside.  I've been dying to try it since I heard that they were opening it. Not only are their pastries amazing, but they brew Intelligentsia!

On Saturday afternoon we headed to the Tulsa Greek Festival. Who even knew that Tulsa had Greeks? The food was AWESOME. It definitely made us miss our old neighborhood standby, Barba Yianni.

I was hoping that Henry would cut me some slack on my actual birthday (Sunday) and sleep past 7:00 but no such luck.  We had an early start to the day and headed out to Zink Park to check out the baby swing. 

All in all it was an awesome weekend! We had plans to do a few home projects but just couldn't squeeze them in. As soon as we do, I will post more pics of our house! Now, off to get ready for this crazy week!

Enjoying the Greek Fest!

Our attempt at a family picture. This is what happens when you have to rely on the camera timer to get a pic because it's too early for other people to be out and about. Notice that there is not a soul around...

Post-swing rest

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