Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting SO Big!

Today we went to Henry's nine month appointment with the pediatrician, and we just can't believe how big he's getting! His latest stats:
                      Height: 30 inches (92nd percentile)
                      Weight: 22 lbs, 5 oz (78th percentile)

He unfortunately also had to get some shots (boo!) but handled them like a champ -- only cried for a couple of seconds. 

We spent the weekend in Austin visiting Auntie Lisa, Uncle Niel, and precious new baby cousin, Theo.  Henry traveled well, although what "they" say about traveling with babies is totally correct: it's better when they're young.  Not that Henry was bad, but he definitely struggled with being confined to my lap for the 2-plus-hour flight.  Definitely not as easy as when we flew with him at six weeks old!

We enjoyed seeing everyone and meeting little Theo, who is just as adorable as can be. Mom and Dad have a strict "no pics of Theo on the internet" policy, so his appearance will have to remain shrouded in secrecy. BUT, I can vouch for his major cuteness!  Henry was sort of interested in Theo, but he was mostly interested in checking out all the new places where he can get into trouble now that he's mobile. And speaking of mobile, he now crawls on all fours.  He was previously a champion army crawler, but he's since learned to crawl the "normal" way. We are in so much trouble!

His new mobility also means more pestering for the cats. Despite being totally annoyed by Henry, Simon still hasn't figured out how to stay away (unlike Sofia, who has absolutely nothing to do with him).

"Helping" me cook dinner

He recently discovered the blurry little boy in the dishwasher and spent several minutes attempting to give him kisses.

His mission of falling down the basement stairs is foiled due to the new baby gate. Thank goodness for babyproofing!

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