Sunday, March 3, 2013

Family Trip to the Zoo, Part II

We took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather this afternoon and made our second trip to the Tulsa Zoo since moving back last summer.  Henry was not too thrilled with the zoo the last time we went, but he enjoyed himself much more this afternoon.  He took a little interest in the animals (the elephants seemed most exciting to him), but he was most excited by the fun playgrounds at the zoo. He ran around and tried out all of the "big kid toys" and watched the other kids run around. All that running and playing really wiped him out, so hopefully he will sleep well tonight.  If so, that zoo membership will really pay off in the months to come!

Where are the penguins?

Climbing on the playground

Geese getting a little too close for comfort

More playground time. Not sure what is going on with my hair....

Henry exploring the playground and me being a helicopter parent, hovering over him.

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