Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter, Take 1

I've been looking forward to Easter for quite a while. Maybe it's because Henry has been so interested in the decorative Easter eggs I've had around the house, so I thought he would be super into hunting eggs his first Easter as a mobile human being. Or maybe it's because I love the candy coated Cadbury mini eggs.  Either way, Easter weekend has been on my radar for quite some time.

Our dance card for Easter weekend is pretty full. One of the things I was most exited for, however, ended up being a total bust because of the craptastic weather we had this morning. Tulsa Zoo was putting on a fun Easter event called Zoobilee, with egg hunts, train rides, pics with the Easter bunny, and other fun Easter activities.  Unfortunately, the sky decided to open up and rain, thunder, and lightening right when all the fun stuff was supposed to start. So, we just hung out in a pavilion, got Henry's pic taken with the Easter bunny, and people watched until we felt like there was enough of a break in the downpour to run to our car.

The second egg hunt of the day was a little more successful. My dad, stepmom, brother, and his fiancee came over for lunch and to watch Henry attempt to find eggs in the backyard.  If only the weather was as gorgeous this morning as it was this afternoon!

Trying to stay dry at the zoo

Yummy bunny cake

Pickin' up eggs

I may or may not have put those eggs in his basket

Henry and Dad (aka his favorite person in the world)

Enjoying the amazing afternoon weather

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