Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Megan's mom Pattie and her friend Luanne are in an online photo gallery! They race-walked the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon and were snapped by a Daily Oklahoman photographer and featured on the front page of the sports section. Pretty cool! Below is the copy from the web site. Click to see the rest of the images.

Marathon runners Luanne Hale and Patricia Jarolim, from left, make their way down the final stretch to the finish line during the eighth annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on Sunday , April 27, 2008, in Oklahoma City, Okla. PHOTO BY CHRIS LANDSBERGER

Also, Megan and I ran in the Ravenswood Run, a 5k in our 'hood. It was my first race, and I lived! Actually, it was kind of fun. I actually beat Megan! Thanks to Flickr user SFMoe for the race pic.

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eppco said...

Is your mom's maiden name Newman? Just wondering. If so, I knew her from the Murray, Utah K-Mart. Please let me know. city_camper@yahoo.com.

Martin Epperson