Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

We were heathens and did not go to church this morning. We haven't really found a church that we're wild about, so we figured we would just stay home instead. We met our friend Kristen (who was not a heathen this morning, and even ushered TWO services at her church) for brunch at Bin 36 downtown. When I made the reservations a few weeks ago, I didn't know that there would be a special Easter buffet rather than the usual Sunday brunch menu. After we got there and sat down, I saw the buffet and was immediately disappointed. I am fundamentally against buffets -- they remind me of that Old Country Buffet place in the mall, or Golden Corral, and are generally fat magnets. And unsanitary. So, not only was I annoyed that the buffet was my only option, BUT I saw that it was $38 per person! And I had a mimosa on top of that! So, one hour and $150 dollars later...
We've been pretty lazy the rest of the day. John's been perfecting his guitar skills on Rock Band for the Wii, and I've been squeezing in some work so that I can take most of Friday off and hang out with my mom, who comes in town Thursday night.
Hope everyone had a fun Easter!
Us, after not eating our money's worth at the buffet. At least Kristen took
home that little fruit trifle in her purse...

I am the queen of holiday-themed dish towels. My grandmother sent me this
super-cute Easter towel this week.

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