Saturday, April 4, 2009

To Add or Not to Add

My mom has recently joined the stalking tool otherwise known as Facebook. John and I have had profiles for about a year or so, but recently the "parent generation" has discovered Facebook and all sorts of friends' parents, long-lost teachers, etc. have come out of the woodwork and become my Facebook friends. When my mom created her profile, I told her that I absolutely would not be her friend. However, the folks at Facebook have a different idea. Every time I log on, the "People You May Know" tool on the side of the home page is always suggesting that I befriend my mom! It's sort of sad, seeing her little picture there in the corner, and ignoring the possibility of Facebook friendship. I'm still on the fence: should I add her?

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Lizzytra said...

Oh Megan... your Mom is such a sweet soul! How could you not? You crack me up. I could kindly mention the hell a woman's body goes through with pregnancy, the pain of labor and delivery, the sleep you forsake (for what seems like the rest of your life), and how your life is never quite the same again, but maybe that is a little much in considering facebook friendship? Plus, I wouldn't want to talk you out of having one of your own one day.:)