Monday, April 13, 2009

Yoga 101

John and I have been taking a beginner yoga workshop for a couple of weeks. I actually attended the workshop in 2007, but I'm back for moral support for John, who really wants to become more flexible. We go to this really great studio in our neighborhood called Bloom. Not only does Bloom have lots of classes each week, but they also have several other non-yoga activities, like belly dancing, knitting, and parenting classes. The owners are really nice, and they actually live in the neighborhood, so it's a true local business.
I sort of fell of the yoga wagon last year, but I'm definitely ready to get back on. I've been doing lots of running in preparation for my upcoming half marathons, so all the stretching feels great. And yoga is a great de-stressor, which of course I really need. I definitely recommend the various programs and workshops at Bloom for anyone in the Chicago area wanting to take up a yoga practice.

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